Square Dancing is Fun for Everyone!

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Take care, see you round the square – Keep smiling

Kevin started square dancing in the Boston, MA area in 1964, has called in over half the United States and Canada while currently located in St Louis, MO. An active member of CALLERLAB Kevin is secretary of NECCA (New England Council of Callers Associations), past President of the St Louis Callers Guild and is an active member and past officer of OCCA. He has recorded on the Quadrille (  'Devil’s Eyes Were Blue'  ) and Solid Gold ( 'Got A Rock and Roll Heart' ) labels. Kevin calls and teaches throughout the Midwest, and also travels regularly to call for clubs & conventions in eastern US (esp. DE, FL, NY, NJ, PA) and all New England states.

In 1965, Kevin began guest calling with his good caller friend and mentor Tex Wilson for Texas Twirlers, one of the biggest (of several) New England Teen Clubs. In 1967, Kevin & the Texas Twirlers began sponsoring the Teen Winter Carnival at Square Acres, MA with Kevin calling, programming & MC’g sharing the stage with several of New England’s top adult & teen callers. This popular event attracted both teen and adult dancers from all over New England due to both the great lineup of top area callers and the annual crowning of the Carnival’s Teen Queen & King.

* (From ‘New England Caller’ magazine Jan. 1970)

Kevin has taught thousands of happy, smiling faces the fun, active, friendly square dancing activity through the years. He thoroughly enjoys introducing new dancers to the fun, fitness and friendship of square dancing and also directing experienced club dancers through an interesting evening of musical ‘people puzzle solving’ team maneuvers