Square Dancing is Fun for Everyone!

Contact Kevin and he’ll come thru your door and call a fun event for your group!

EMAIL:  kevincalls@gmail.com

Take care, see you round the square – Keep smiling

Hi! Welcome to my Home page presenting, promoting & sharing square dancing – a great activity I’ve been fortunate to enjoy since I was 12 and calling since I was 13.

You may have some preconceived ideas about square dancing: hokey, ‘square’, old time music, puffy petticoats, etc. but I can truly tell you that today’s modern square dance music and dress are totally casual & different than in the past, offer great physical exercise, mental stimulation and an enjoyable way to meet new friends and have great fun! I use a laptop or my phone to play my music at dances, festivals & parties and includes artists such as Lady A & Lady Gaga, George Strait and Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson & Bruce Springsteen just to name a few! ~

I call and teach dances & parties all around the Midwest & Northeast states for both experienced dancers as well as brand new beginners. Come join the fun – try it, you’ll like it! ~